A Caching Shotgun Proxy

This project aims to be an intermediate service between the Shotgun API and its consumers, with the immediate major goals being to:

  • Reduce the request latency compared to a hosted Shotgun server;
  • Increase the redundancy of the Shotgun API, upon which we base (perhaps too much) of our VFX pipeline;
  • More flexibility in querying Shotgun data, as we may construct arbitrary queries against our own database if required.

Prospective longer term goals include:

  • A simplistic web UI for use when Shotgun is unreachable;
  • A host for more complex analyses of Shotgun data for introduction into Shotgun pages.


At this point in the project, it should be a drop-in replacement for your use of the Shotgun API, except in a few circumstances:

  1. There is a slight delay for changes made in the Shotgun web UI to propagate to the cache as the cache must poll for changes. The default poll interval is 5 seconds.
  2. API use which does not pass through the cache will not be immediately reflected in the cache if the API keys used do not generate events, and must wait for a scan for changes. The default scan interval is 5 minutes.
  3. The cache does not return the name Identifier Column that Shotgun does. This is by design, but could be added as a configurable feature if there is enough demand.

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