Source code for sgcache.schema

import yaml

[docs]class Schema(dict): """A mapping of entity type names to :class:`EntitySchema`.""" @classmethod
[docs] def from_yaml(cls, fh): """from_yaml(cls, file) Load the full schema from the given YAML file. This schema is assumed to be: - a mapping of entity names to entity schemas, which are: - a mapping of field names to field schemas, which are: - either a string representing the data type, or a mapping including a ``data_type``, and any other info as required by the field. """ fh = open(fh) if isinstance(fh, basestring) else fh spec = yaml.load( self = cls() for type_name, type_spec in spec.iteritems(): self[type_name] = EntitySchema._from_yaml(type_name, type_spec) return self
[docs]class EntitySchema(dict): """A mapping of field names to :class:`FieldSchema`.""" def __init__(self, name): = name @classmethod def _from_yaml(cls, name, spec): self = cls(name) self['id'] = FieldSchema._from_yaml('id', 'number') for field_name, field_spec in spec.iteritems(): self[field_name] = FieldSchema._from_yaml(field_name, field_spec) return self def __repr__(self): return '<EntitySchema of %s: %r>' % (, dict.__repr__(self))
[docs]class FieldSchema(object): """The schema of a single field.""" #: The Shotgun data type, e.g. ``entity`` or ``checkbox``. data_type = None #: The allowable entity types for ``entity`` and ``multi_entity`` fields. entity_types = () def __init__(self, name): = name @classmethod def _from_yaml(cls, name, spec): self = cls(name) if isinstance(spec, basestring): spec = {'data_type': spec} self.__dict__.update(spec) if not self.data_type: raise ValueError('field needs data_type') return self